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Frank Moth | the Wonderful and Nostalgic | The Best Epic Art

Frank Moth is an Artist duo based in Veria, Greece. They explore universal concepts of love, humility, truth, nostalgia and forgiveness in colorful, surreal floral portraits and futuristic retro compositions.

They create nostalgic postcards from the future using mostly the digital collage technique in a struggle for eternity through pixels.

You Will Find Me There - by Frank Moth

About Frank Moth

Frank Moth creates nostalgic postcards from a distant but at the same time familiar future. He makes digital collages and compositions with specific, distinctive color palettes, in a critically acclaimed style that is immediately recognizable. Frank Moth was born in Athens in March 2014. He exists as an artist and as an alias for the two people that hide behind him. He has been featured in many publications worldwide, such as Huffington Post US, as well as Buzzfeed and MTV Greece. His work is currently showcased around the world in many galleries online

Artist Statement

The compositions are mainly human-centered. The presence of the human element is obvious, yet perpetually incomplete. There’s always something missing, interrupted, or covered. The face, for example, is usually covered and many times it’s not even there, so as to not surrender its vulnerable introspection, insecurity, and psychic truth without a fight.

Forest Angel - by Frank Moth


In many of Frank Moth’s works people are pictured gazing upon themselves and their own lives on Earth from some distant point in outer space. The perspective of all things always seems to be on a strange verge, between a dream and an urban daily life.

The smothering failure of man to define and refine happiness today within geographic, temporal, and material {technological and consumerist} bounds, is repeatedly alluded to through the use of old, manipulated paper ads from decades past, as well as old fashion magazines.

Follow Me - by Frank Moth


Many of the artworks feature a subtle expression of companionship or the silent, solitary, obsessive search for it {the people usually have their backs turned and there is a hint of movement in the scenery}, combined with the surreal size disproportion and the disturbed relation between man and his environment/surroundings.

Bright Cinnamon - by Frank Moth


This is an attempt to create harmony between people and their surroundings, however imaginary, by using the eternal elements of colors, numbers, simple geometric shapes, symmetry, and subtraction, as well as universal words and concepts like “love”, “together”, “forever”, “never”, “infinity”, “why”.

Be - By Frank Moth


Frank Moth’s distinctive style draws from a wide range of inspirations, including other collage artists, historical art movements, and personal experiences. Their nostalgic aesthetic often pays homage to the bygone eras of the 20th century, blending vintage elements with modern concepts. This juxtaposition of old and new reflects a deep appreciation for the past while acknowledging the ever-evolving nature of artistic expression.

Across the History - by Frank Moth

Creative Process

The duo behind Frank Moth begins each piece with an idea or concept, followed by sourcing and curating images from various vintage sources. Using digital manipulation techniques, they skillfully blend these elements into visually captivating compositions with cohesive color palettes. Through their creative process, they breathe new life into old imagery, transforming it into thought-provoking contemporary art.


In their collages, Frank Moth evokes a sense of nostalgia through the use of familiar yet distant imagery. This allows viewers to connect with their art on an emotional level, as it often conjures memories or associations with the past. By blending the old with the new, they create a timeless appeal that transcends generations, inviting audiences to reflect on their own personal histories and experiences.

Exhibition Highlights and Reception

Frank Moth’s work has been showcased in numerous galleries and exhibitions worldwide, garnering critical acclaim and recognition in the art community. Publications such as Huffington Post US, Buzzfeed, and MTV Greece have featured their captivating collages, further solidifying their reputation as innovative and thought-provoking artists.

Future Projects and Aspirations

As Frank Moth continues to evolve, the duo remains committed to exploring new themes, techniques, and collaborations in their work. They aspire to push the boundaries of digital collage art and engage with a wider audience through exhibitions, online platforms, and other creative outlets.

24916 - By Frank Moth

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Who are the artists behind Frank Moth?

Frank Moth is the pseudonym for a duo of artists who work together to create digital collages. Their real identities remain hidden, allowing their artwork to take center stage.

How did Frank Moth start?

Frank Moth was born in Athens in March 2014 as a collaborative project between the two artists. They began by experimenting with digital collage techniques and quickly developed their unique style.

What is the meaning behind the name “Frank Moth”?

The name Frank Moth is an alias for the two artists, chosen to represent their collaborative identity while keeping their personal identities concealed. The name itself doesn’t carry a specific meaning but serves as a memorable moniker for their artistic endeavors.

What themes and concepts are explored in Frank Moth’s artwork?

Frank Moth’s artwork often delves into themes of nostalgia, depersonalization, the human condition, and the relationship between people and their environment. They also explore concepts such as consumerism, technology, and the pursuit of happiness.

What is the creative process behind Frank Moth’s collages?

Frank Moth’s creative process involves sourcing and curating vintage images and then using digital manipulation techniques to blend these elements into cohesive compositions. They pay particular attention to color palettes and the integration of modern themes to create their signature style.

Where can I find Frank Moth’s artwork?

Frank Moth’s artwork can be found in various galleries and online platforms worldwide. You can also follow them on social media and visit their official website to stay updated on their latest projects and exhibitions.

Can I purchase prints of Frank Moth’s artwork?

Yes, Frank Moth offers open edition prints of their work here, as well at NFTs. Be sure to check availability, as some pieces may sell out quickly.

How do the artists behind Frank Moth collaborate on their projects?

The duo behind Frank Moth works closely together, combining their individual strengths and perspectives to create a cohesive artistic vision. They communicate regularly and share ideas, ensuring that their work remains innovative and thought-provoking.

Are Frank Moth’s collages created entirely digitally, or do they involve traditional collage techniques as well?

Frank Moth’s collages are primarily digital, using software to manipulate and blend sourced images. However, they often draw inspiration from traditional collage techniques, incorporating vintage elements and paying homage to the tactile nature of physical collage.

Has Frank Moth participated in any notable exhibitions or received any awards?

Frank Moth’s work has been showcased in numerous galleries and exhibitions worldwide, receiving critical acclaim from various publications, including Huffington Post US, Buzzfeed, and MTV Greece. Their growing reputation in the art world continues to attract attention and recognition.


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