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THANK YOU for submitting your video art!

The goal of Surrealism Today is to develop a community showcasing contemporary surrealism, fantastic and visionary art, especially digital art.

Currently the bias is towards pithy, visually stunning, and tight. 3 minutes or less?

Thank you for submitting! Questions may be directed to us here at submit@surrealismtoday.com.

Due to the realities of time and costs we have decided to implement a fee for submitting work.

We hope this will allow us to spend more time on this project, grow it, and connect artists with people who love art.

We hope this will not deter people that are serious about their art.

We recently hired a social media expert to spend more time on our social channels.

We will periodically repost artwork from our past posts to keep the traffic growing.

Some notes on your submission: it will go out to all our social media channels and our email list. They are all growing, and most are still pretty modest, but our tumblr for instance has over 10,000 followers. We’re hoping by expanding our social media presence we can support more artists by connecting them with lovers of art. We’re getting pretty good visitors to this site coming from google for a bootstrapped project.

Thank you for your understanding.