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Contemporary Surrealism

Promoting the best contemporary surrealism, psychedelic, lowbrow, and fantastic figurative art being created today.

Collagist Elzbieta Zdunek’s Stunning Art Will Haunt Your Dreams

Collagist Elzbieta Zdunek’s haunting monochromatic collages linger in memory as if grown from strange and alien myths. These intricate compositions of mannequins are rich with metaphor: they evoke the haunting beauty a transcendent dream. Immersing the audience in an enigmatic world where reality and fantasy intertwine. Each meticulously crafted piece, featuring these surreal mannequins, resonates […]

Michelle Concetta Surrealistic Collages

Michelle Concetta is a creator from the US currently based in Saudi Arabia. Prone to escapism from an early age, she finds comfort in the one thing that grounds her to the Real—creating art and shaping her world to fulfill her aesthetic yearnings. Self-taught, her talents cover a broad spectrum, but of late contemporary collage […]

SLip: Surrealist Collage Artist

Who is SLip? SLip is a french digital collage artist working professionally for more than ten years. The artists’ clean, mod aesthetic marries yesterday’s nostalgic Sci-fi dreams in crisp, modern Technicolor. The Work Lovely memories of the sci-fi future that has not yet arrived, SLip reminds us of those more charming futures–of those hopeful expectations […]

Important Contemporary Pop-Surrealist and Collage Artists

Known alternatively as the Lowbrow movement, Pop Surrealism is an art form that originated in LA’s underground scene in the 1970s. Like other surrealist art forms, lowbrow art strives to reach deep into the unconscious mind and bring to life our innermost thoughts. Our compulsions, hidden memories, and more are displayed in unusual and absurd […]


Biography Melbourne artist Xtian was conceived in East Germany but born in Hungary – that makes him one part Australian and two parts former communist. He’s been actively collaging for two-plus decades – but is not adverse to making music or short animations. His works can best be described as questions, or “edge of comprehension”. […]