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Draumir’s Beautiful Creatures

Working with Draumir on the “Beautiful Creatures” video was an absolute dream. From the first time we heard the hazy, hypnotic track, we knew it called for visuals that matched its surreal, mind-bending vibe.

Beautiful Creatures by Draumir

About Draumir

The Norwegian band Draumir is Alexandra Bråten (vocals) and Jo Frøytlog (vocals/instruments). Draumir is releasing their third album in 2024, and the single Beautiful Creatures was released on February 25th.


In Beautiful Creatures, the listener is invited into a timeless sonic universe with noise, swarms of mandolins, drum machines and shimmering electric guitars. Beautiful Creatures was recorded in several versions, but the version that was eventually preferred stays close to the original demo recording. Vocalist Alexandra elaborates:

«We’ve often talked about how something quite special often happens very early in a recording process, and how this special quality slips away from us as the work progresses. This time, we were very conscious of avoiding just that. Many of the elements that make up Beautiful Creatures were done very quickly, without necessarily the intention of them staying all the way through.”

Beautiful Creatures

Beautiful Creatures is written and produced by Draumir and mixed by Phill Brown.

About the Music Video

We plumbed the depths of strange fairytales, splicing together fragmented scenes that blur the lines between reality and fantasy.

Is the ominous forest morphing into strange cathedrals? That fox and woman presiding over it all? Just tiny glimpses into the delirious dream realm we crafted frame-by-frame.

We relished layering unsettling details amid the lush beauty – you’ll spot sinister eyes peering from shadowy corners if you look closely enough.

From conjuring bioluminescent creatures to subtly warping the fabric of the world itself, it was alchemy of the highest order. Draumir’s shimmering soundscapes were our constant guide, allowing the visuals to organically mutate and flow like a lucid reverie.

I think we bottled strange magic with this one. The rare alchemy that occurs when exploring uncharted territory.

The first single is Beautiful Creatures was released on (2/25) and can be streamed now:


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