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Lowbrow art, or pop surrealism, is a visual art movement that arose in Los Angeles, California, area in the late 1970s. Its cultural roots are inspired by underground comics, punk music, tiki culture, and hot-rod cultures of the street. The terms lowbrow and pop surrealism are used interchangeably. Lowbrow is often humorous, sarcastic, or ironic.

Most lowbrow artworks are paintings, but there are also toys, digital art, sculpture, and collage.

Find contemporary pop-surrealist and lowbrow artists working today.

Bonobo’s surrealist music video for ‘No Reason’

By Admin / August 27, 2017 / 0 Comments

With stunning cinematography (and no CGI), director Oscar Hudson pays homage to Japan’s social phenomenon of ‘Hikikomori’. A dreamy, disconnected electronic beat plays as a Japanese teenager wakes up in his bedroom, visibly troubled at the thought of facing the day ahead of him. But there are tricks at play, as he walks through the […]

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Dagner – Surreal Music Video

By Admin / March 29, 2016 / 0 Comments

You see my eyes are open Don’t need ’em blind or folded Follow the thin red line!     Music: Dan Freeman And The Serious Director: Michael Fragstein Production Company: Büro Achter April Set Design: Turan Tehrani DoP: Rainer Sprenger Performer: Igor Weiss Grading: Walking On The Moon Buy this track on […]

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Says – by Nils Frahm

By Admin / January 24, 2014 / 1 Comment

Make the video full screen and turn up the music — or put on headphones. Visual creation by Romain Assénat & Ana Silva with the support of Atelier Graphoui. Improvisation with inks on glass and a video-feedback device, captured live without any post-production. Taken from the album ‘Spaces’ out now on Erased Tapes. If you […]

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The Week by the Koren Ensemble

By Admin / March 23, 2013 / 0 Comments

Bigheaded figures. Peculiar bodies. How wonderful! To get the Koren Ensembles weekly video, like them of Facebook:

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