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Waone is an Artist / Muralist from Kyiv, Ukraine.


The main goal of my art is to find out who am I and explore the outside world.
Viewing through the lens of the creative process gives me the possibility
to shift the focus away from the vanity of common life and tap into stranger invisible world, the origin of the entire existence…

It was a long way started back in 1999 when I stepped on the streets with a spray can. During the next 18 years, I developed a fairy tale visual language, a visual storytelling with a transcendental ethereal form of contemporary muralism.

Inspired by the old master’s art I continue my evolution, I like to imitate the esthetic of antique book illustrations and old engravings in my murals, canvases, and drawings.

During the last 2 years, when street art became a mainstream, I decided to shift my focus on studio work, now contemporary and fine art scene looks more appropriate scene for my art.



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