9 Unexpectedly Surreal Affordable Art Prints

A small curated selection of gorgeous contemporary art prints from some of today’s most promising surrealistic artists. The following are just a few beautiful surreal gems from some of the many talented artists including surrealistic painting, collage, and lowbrow pop surrealism.

1. Midnight Mass by Michelle Concetta

Brilliant surrealist collage artist Michelle Concetta contrasts classical imagery with contemporary photography in these evocative collages. This gorgeous and growing body of work is a brilliant addition to any cutting-edge collectors collection. Midnite Mass is just one of several mouth-watering prints available by this artist.

Midnite Mass – Michelle Concetta

2. Manor House by Arabella Proffer

Proffer‘s Manor House is just one of a gorgeous collection of pop surrealistic artworks. Proffer “brings together my interests in botany, microbiology, space, disease, and the evolution of cells. I subconsciously explore the relationships between anatomy, biology, nature, and emerging sciences while creating from my own imagination.”

We love beautiful art and painting. And we’re just in awe of Proffer’s astounding imagery.

Manor House – Arabella Proffer

See more by pop-surrealist painter Arabella Proffer.

3. Bloom by Frank Moth.

Bloom by Frank Moth.jpg

4. Spore Collector by Eugenia Loli.

Spore Collector by Eugenia Loli

5. Elephant by Vincent Fink

Vincent Fink’s Iterations: In the pursuit to better redefine modern surrealism, I often find myself indulging in the vibrancy of color and concise composition with flaring elements of Sacred Geometry. The same level of intense detail is implored in all of my work but this series attempts to focus on the singularity and realism of the objects in my visions. I want to convey the world through another dimension: to see the hidden geometry that makes up everything in the universe:


6. Film Noir by Cassia Beck

Film Noir by Cassia Beck

7. Meteoric Rainfall by Picomodi

Meteoric Rainfall by Picomodi

8. Pink Eruption by Filip Hodas

Pink Eruption by Filip Hodas


One response to “9 Unexpectedly Surreal Affordable Art Prints”

  1. Ras Steyn

    The evidence that Surrealism is rejecting (or silently steering away from) the viscosity and turgidity tied to grotesque-centered dream imagery is becoming increasingly evident when studying the work of Filip Hodas, Cassia Beck, Eugenia Loli, Gabriel Moth and Frank Isak. Surreal metamorphosis is no longer simply visually arresting error(s) that evoke mass admiration through the careful amalgamation of irrational dream ‘meat’. The abject and ‘teratological’ elements so often integrated with the subliminal objects of contemporary Surealist Art seem to be giving way to visual contradictions that evoke real and serious questions (refer to the work of Picomodi, Loli, Hodas etc.) that are holistic, immediate, global, and omniscient. it appears as if collective metaphor has taken the place of sublime metamorphosis – well, at least for now. ( Ras Steyn – South African Artist, Writer and Collector of the Curious )

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