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Artist Statement

In the pursuit to better redefine modern surrealism, I often find myself indulging in the vibrancy of color and concise composition with flaring elements of Sacred Geometry. The same level of intense detail is implored in all of my work but this series attempts to focus on the singularity and realism of the objects in my visions. I want to convey the world through another dimension: To see the hidden geometry that makes up everything in the universe. My education in 3D animation comes back in a surprising way as I break down complex organisms into their most basic shapes much like polygon modeling.

Allowing myself to fully run free in my mind, I travel to any environment or vacuum my heart desires. I am traveling everywhere I want to go, so I can be closer to my dreams and become better at actualizing them. This project has been an awakening of my true self that needed all previous lessons to attain.

Iterations have proven to be my strongest vehicle for exploring my fascination with shapes and dreamlike imagery via oil and acrylic paintings on canvas and panel. Dreams represent a higher dimension of consciousness to me, documented by Edgar Casey to be a medium of infinite insight, problem-solving and premonition. It seems only natural for one to explore this realm of higher consciousness on a 2 dimensional medium with the higher spacial dimensions, where Platonic Solids, Archemedian Solids and other geometries seem to unlock a representation of the underlying structure of nature.

The work also has hidden implications to the impact of evolution and attaining knowledge, for better or worse. We yield so much potential with recent discoveries, but as a race, we seem to be struggling with the same concerns of our ancestors. Survival is an on-going theme in my work especially in the face of misused information. I’m concerned with the persistence of imbalance in a technological age that could unite the world in abundance. The artwork will definitely cause a lot of progressive thinking and discussion about the unification of art and science, power and knowledge, predator and prey.

My goal is to blend the surreal with the real. To walk the lines of what is a thought and what is a movement, and mostly, to reach a higher state of mind through art.


Born April 1st, 1984 and growing up in the ever-crowding greater Houston area, Vincent Fink is an award-winning contemporary surrealist & full-time artist working out of his Winter Street Studio in the Arts District where he tirelessly adds to a multitude of expansive projects. His first series, Atlas Metamorphosis, started in 2010 with vigorously detailed greyscale sumi ink drawings spawned from a lucid dream. Since then, his art evolves from his series of Sacred Geometry Surrealism paintings, called Iterations, to multimedia public art and installations including sculpture and animation. The subconscious, with its symbolic story-telling, has always played a part in his cultural narrative message.

Hand Crafted Tetrahedrons

After attaining a degree in Media Arts & Animation from The Art Institute of Houston, he worked as a graphic designer searching in life for a higher purpose, a direction with his artistic abilities, yet was extremely lost. Then one night, with a sketch pad by his bed, he dreamt his future and immediately awoke to record it. In his subconscious state, he saw the first completed piece that would establish his art career. This series became known as the Atlas Metamorphosis and continues to take us through the 4 stages of an other-worldly, gigantic god-like beetle’s evolution. Each stage of its life cycle is accompanied by a new cultural empire or era of civilization.

77 A Fleshy Facade A Cryptic Charade

This series won him the Talent Call Award, The Big Show – Best of, as well as a Hunting Art Prize finalist, twice, along with many shows and articles online and in print, but that is just one hemisphere of this, now, activated imagination. His second, most prolific series of acrylic and oil paintings called Iterations also garners equal prestige and focuses on his love for surrealism and sacred geometry.

03 Survival

Editor’s Note: Vincent Fink’s limited edition prints are now available for purchase in the Surrealism Today online store.

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