Arabella Proffer

Series: Acids and Sugars

This series brings together my interests in botany, microbiology, space, disease, and the evolution of cells. I subconsciously explore the relationships between anatomy, biology, nature, and emerging sciences while creating from my own imagination. These paintings sometimes mirror personal metaphysical occurrences, and, at times, contain a slight nod to art history, such as hints of a baroque landscape or decadent still lives through distorted lenses. They are more virtual reality than actuality.

I delve into the practice and alchemy of oil paint dictating the direction, shaping aesthetic outcomes, and transforming emotional impressions as I go. Insects, flowers, human organs all come from the same process at the core, but within these works I am visualizing their fictional evolution at any given stage comes from instinct. I create my own fragile beings and nature within these little worlds; alien forms mesh with what might be seen under a microscope, or through a telescope. They are an artificial nature or a nature that is simply unknown to us, scientized and made more delectable. This is my biomorphic garden party.

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