Evan Lawrence

Evan Lawrence creates strange and contemporary surreal art. Self-taught, Lawrence uses ambiguous symbolism to explore his transcendent visions. He is inspired by “the delusion of the beautiful things until the weird moments; represented by the emotional feeling of himself”.

Lawrence’s work is part reminiscence and part artifact of his own inner meditations. Reflecting on past experiences and encounters, the work raises questions of identity, meaning, and representation. Lawrence hopes his work ultimately contributes to a better world by acting as a mirror the viewers’ subconscious.

Artist Statement

“I see art personally as the bridge between conscious and subconscious, between what is real and not real. I express and balance my ego with it. Surrealism is like an escape room for me, a self-investigation of identity. I always try to infuse each piece of my work with my feelings, desires, moods, and dreams of the moment, using art as a basic language; transliterate the noetic perceptions into explicit views.”


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Open Edition: INPRNT – Evan Lawrence
Limited Prints: SPASIUM – Evan Lawrence
Signature Edition: CURIOOS – Evan Lawrence


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