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Artist Statement

Whether creating sculptures or paintings, it is a desire to fall deeper and deeper into my imagination that compels me. A desire to be surprised to discover what I am actually dwelling upon in the often obscured parts of my being. I like to strip away at what arises in my vision until it makes a kind of complete sense although I may not understand it quite yet. I work until the image somehow resonates with my life and speaks of something that I actually know through experience. It must be real in my life to hold any lasting interest for me. I have sometimes thought that I am taking what is ordinary and extraordinary in my life and refocusing it through a lens of symbolic form. That way it can speak to me on all levels at once. I never think too long on a title for I simply call it what it is.


Allen Linder has been a nationally exhibiting fine artist for over 30 years.

Please direct all inquiries to lindersculpture@gmail.com


Thinking In Stone:

Employing the archaic philosophy and methodology of direct carving, Allen Linder sculpts contemporary artifacts—solid works embodying the present, extolling life and preserving the human spirit.

The act of carving and grinding away at stone, wax and bronze is an intuitive practice: ideas and images stimulated by life events emerge from Linder’s subconscious mind. The objects are a complete syntheses of his personal narrative and mythology, directly connected to the awe, beauty, joy and mystery of daily existence, namely the infinite possibility of experience and personhood. There are many narratives present; the work is left open and becomes a sort of spiritual fiction.

Linder “feels his way into form” in search of its center. His ideas play on a single scientific and spiritual metaphor: the need for resistance. The result of his process is hyperbolic sculpture in which content and form unite to distill existential thought using timeless, figurative gesture.

His sculptures explore physicality, the purity of material, and the construction of tactile, illusory awareness through his own psychological and transcendent reality. His work is at once somber and playful, comical and sublime, the posturing symbolic of life.




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