Wayne Barlowe

Wayne Barlowe is a world-renowned concept, creature artist, and author. Barlowe has created concept art and creature design for films such as Avatar, Harry Potter, the RIPD, Hellboy, and Pacific Rim. He studied at Cooper Union where he started his career painting covers for Sci-fi and fantasy novels. He’s written and illustrated guides exploring life on a distant planet in “Expedition,” the underworld in “Brushfire: Illuminations from the Inferno,” and “Barlowe’s Inferno,” and the creatures from the canon of sci-fi and fantasy literature in “Barlowe’s Guide to Extraterrestrials” and “Barlowe’s Guide to Fantasy“.

Barlowe’s Inferno

Wayne Barlowe’s art spans alien worlds, alien creatures, and the realms of hell. His work portrays his imagination in painstaking detail. Think less painterly indication and more photorealistic representation. Barlowe’s Hell is portrayed throughout many illustrations in the books. It is a more vast and sprawling vision than Hieronymus Hosch’s. The viewer can practically smell the sweat on a poor soul being inspected by demons like a cow being chosen for slaughter. You can hear the howls of the tormented. Three-dimensional sigils hover over demons, communicating in a forsaken ancient language. It is a bleak, unforgiving vision.


Are you an adventure traveler? Do you yearn to travel beyond your home planet into deep space? Perhaps you long to explore uncharted worlds. In 2358 Wayne Barlowe traveled to Darwin IV, a planet 6.5 light years from Earth. He was there as part of the first human-crewed flight, and now his long-awaited account of that historic journey has been published.

“Expedition” will transport you to a wild, beautiful, untouched world teeming with incredible beasts and exotic vegetation.

Barlowe’s account was selected by the Science Fiction Book Club and the Astronomy Book Club as one of their top picks for 2371.

Written with Barlowe’s alluring style, vivid paintings, and dozens of process sketches and studies, Expedition will thrill science fiction and natural history fans alike.

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