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Contemporary Surrealism

Promoting the best contemporary surrealism, psychedelic, lowbrow, and fantastic figurative art being created today.

Albane Simon

About Albane Simon Imagine a world where linear time has lost all relevance. A place where past memories and future visions dance in a familiar present gone awry, this is where nightmares collide with lucid clarity. Touching on topics diverse as ecology, science, architecture, and spirituality. instagram.com/albanesurrealcollagist/

Maura Holden

MAURA HOLDEN ARTISTS BIOGRAPHY Maura Holden was born in 1967 in Philadelphia PA. She spent most of her  childhood absorbed in a multi-dimensional daydream, which formed the foundation  of her visionary quest as it continues today. Dreaming, drawing and  water-coloring continually throughout her youth, Maura was able to present her first solo show at age […]

Charles Burwell

Artist Statement    At a very young age when I had only a vague idea of the meaning, it was predicted that I was an artist. This was from observations by my elementary school teachers and encouragement from my Mother, who not only appreciated art but was also a talented painter. The title of artist […]

Deborah Stevenson

About Deborah Stevenson Deborah Stevenson was born in Washington, DC. She grew up in Tokyo, went to high school in Baltimore, and got her BA from Sarah Lawrence College in New York. She lived for many years on the West Coast, and returned to the East Coast, where she lived in Brooklyn, NYC until 2015, […]

Fibonacci's Folly Collage by Deborah Stevenson


  By Joost Jordens and Mike Von Rotz Transition is a virtual reality experience based on the music of Kettel & Secede. A metaphor for death, Transition takes you on a journey from one world into the next. This film was featured in the Kaleidoscope VR Film Festival. Mike von Rotz and Joost Jordens are […]