Marta Zubieta

Marta Zubieta is a Spanish artist living in Bristol, UK.

Zubieta’s art explores popular culture through the combination of retro and tropical references, alternative universes and lots of characters. With them, She describe myths and clichés of the generation Z and Millennial, the feelings and anxieties of her generation, stories of love, dreams and technological addiction in a pastel and neon universe.

Specialized in illustration, graphic design and mural she inspires herself from the 90s cartoons, sci fi, pop surrealist art and latin folklore to create her adult illustrations for forever teenagers.

Bringing vibrant color to often bleak subjects, Zubieta explores the millennial culture and its issues through pink tinted glasses, neon colors and dreamy characters.

“What I like most about illustration is to forge my own storytelling, and how it helps people to think, to get lost and to feel happy.”

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