About Scales

Scales is a project born from a dialogue between photographer Nicola Spadafranca and a sound designer Enrico Nicola Cascavilla. Cascavilla interpreted Spadafranca’ photographic project “Squame” making a short moving experimental video art using just the photographs. Cascavilla found a story through the photos that he told just with sound and a cinematic editing with after effects.

The Video

The Story

“Scales” is the journey of a man on an unknown planet, He’s looking for the truth, which is now increasingly difficult to find, as everywhere and everyone is being filled with material and spiritual garbage.
He is unable to deal with the “Scales” of his own past and he finds himself deviated from his true nature and true needs.
“Scales” is a journey to the centre of the earth with sounds and pictures. The pictures are recycled in a movie recounted with sounds. It’s a recycling project.

Concept, video, music and sound design by Enrico Nicola Cascavilla (ENC), a sound designer based in London
Photographs by Nicola Spadafranca, an analogue photographer based in the gargano (south-east of italy) where these pictures were taken. Previous project “alla fine del viaggio.”

Voice by Marta Faustino, arts manager and art lover based in London. Co-founder of the online magazine


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