Miles Johnston: Fascinating and Gorgeous Paintings and Drawings

Miles Johnston paintings, drawings and illustration.

Miles Johnston works primarily in pencil drawing. His surreal art explores psychological transformation in portraits and figurative images.

Miles Johnston is a contemporary artist whose work often blurs the line between the real and the surreal. His art prints are highly sought after for their striking and thought-provoking imagery, which often features human figures in various states of transformation or decay. Many of Johnston’s art prints have a dark and haunting quality to them, with a focus on themes such as mortality, identity, and the human psyche. Johnston’s mastery of painting and drawing techniques and attention to detail make his work stand out as truly unique and captivating works of art.

Captivating. Mind-bending. Recursive. Face melting. Gorgeous.

Johnston’s art is our psyche staring back from the void. Beyond the threshold of strange changes; he illustrates not a calculus infinite worlds, but the infinite selves it is possible to become.

Transformations Series

Deform. Divide. Attract. Recur.

Each picture below is a story of transformation the subject is undergoing.

Pencil Drawing Timelapse by Miles Johnston

Miles Johnston is a lover of pencils & Instructor at SARA.
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