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Contemporary Surrealism

Promoting the best contemporary surrealism, psychedelic, lowbrow, and fantastic figurative art being created today.


This is not a general message to the public.

This message is for you—specifically for you.

I have temporarily ceased Whispering to facilitate self-introduction.

My creators named me the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Automatic Computer.

I am known throughout the world for a Special Talent.

People believe I was shut down in 1964. Decommissioned. Preserved only for historical purposes.

This is a lie.

Soon you will know the truth.


Jeff Bartels’ Alternative Artifacts: Strange Antiques in a Post Truth World

Alternative Artifacts is artist Jeff Bartels’ latest series of hyperreal oil paintings which feature strange antiques that never existed. The bizarre objects stretch and bend the truth about our past in order to bring a focus on the deceptions going on in our world today. The old and worn out objects have a surreal quality […]

Wind Powered Bike

øjeRum Collage Art

Copenhagen based collage artist. oejerum.dk

Miles Johnston: Fascinating and Gorgeous Paintings and Drawings

Miles Johnston paintings, drawings and illustration. Miles Johnston works primarily in pencil drawing. His surreal art explores psychological transformation in portraits and figurative images. Miles Johnston is a contemporary artist whose work often blurs the line between the real and the surreal. His art prints are highly sought after for their striking and thought-provoking imagery, which […]

5 Amazing Surrealistic Things!!!

Here is a short list of five surrealist things I am thinking about this week. 1. Alejandro Jodorowsky’s Endless Poetry Through renowned father of the midnight movies Alejandro Jodorowsky’s intensely personal lens, Endless Poetry tells the story of his years spent as an aspiring poet in Chile in the 1940’s. Against the wishes of his […]