Surrealist Vincent Fink’s “Atlas Metamorphosis” Visionary Journey into 4 Mind-Bending Epochs

Editor’s Note: Vincent Fink’s limited edition prints are now available for purchase in the Surrealism Today online store. This is part 2 in a 3 part series. We have previously covered Vincent Fink’s Iterations project.

Atlas Metamorphosis

Vincent Fink’s work is surrealism in it’s purest form. His dark images with warped perspectives invite the viewer into a world that came from a lucid dream in which he observed the completed work. Pushing himself to recreate something that was beyond his imagination and skill in his waking life, Vincent has used this inspiration to develop the Metamorphosis Project, a concept that continues to spawn the hidden messages of his dreams.

Printed in January 2012 issue of The Houston Press.

Stage 1: Emperor Egg

Atlas Metamorphosis Stage 1 of 4 Emperor Egg

This stage is set in a Mesoamerican style 5-point perspective image to give it a spherical warp. Much like a cosmic egg coming down from the heavens to enlighten mankind.

Stage 2: Praise Lord Worm

Atlas Metamorphosis Stage 2 of 4 Praise Lord Worm

Thus, he created a whole supporting concept as an explanation of Lord Worm and where he’s going. It is also being rendered into a progressive rock/metal album, though release dates are unknown. It attempts to fuse his ever-growing music style and art as one cohesive mass that can be appreciated in parts or as a whole. The most haunting reality is this concept requires four parts and all of this is only one of them. This project will not be over for years to come and one can expect as the artist grows, so will the intensity of each piece.

Stage 3: Hail King Pupa

Atlas Metamorphosis Stage 3 of 4 Hail King Pupa

The Ancient Egyptian cocoon tomb is transported in a giant funeral barge to a pyramid for its resurrection as a Beetle. It is the third piece to the puzzle that started as a lucid dream in 2010.

This piece was selected as a Hunting Art Prize Finalist of 2014 as well as one of two pieces selected for Lawndale Art Center’s The Big Show of 2014. Preceding it was stage 2 of 4, also gaining the Hunting Art Prize Finalist status in 2012 which is the largest art prize in the Americas.

More about the beetle symbology:
It is clear that the symbolism of the scarab refers to transformation – the transformation of the soul from physical to non-physical, from ignorant of its nature to wise. Egyptians represented the concept of immortality and resurrection (resurrection of the soul, not the flesh) through the image of the scarab beetle, and therefore, they created seals, amulets and talismans, which served as tools to inform those who carried them about these concepts.

It is important to point out that the real “power” of the talismans and amulets was never the object itself, but rather, the knowledge it contained. A person who is imbued with the spirit of immortality and transformation does not fear death. Since fear is one of things that prevent people from achieving their ideals, those who do not fear are the ones who make history, so it is the knowledge that protects, the amulets and talismans are mere instruments through which the knowledge is revealed.” – Thias Campos

Stage 4: Arise God Beetle

Atlas Metamorphosis Stage 4 of 4 Arise God Beetle

Editor’s Note: Vincent Fink’s limited edition prints are now available for purchase in the Surrealism Today online store.

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