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Contemporary Surrealism

Promoting the best contemporary surrealism, psychedelic, lowbrow, and fantastic figurative art being created today.

Charles Burwell

Artist Statement    At a very young age when I had only a vague idea of the meaning, it was predicted that I was an artist. This was from observations by my elementary school teachers and encouragement from my Mother, who not only appreciated art but was also a talented painter. The title of artist […]

Frank Moth: the Wonderful and Nostalgic | Best Wall Art

Background Frank Moth is an Artist duo based in Veria, Greece. They explore universal concepts of love, humility, truth, nostalgia and forgiveness in colorful, surreal floral portraits and futuristic retro compositions. They create nostalgic postcards from the future using mostly the digital collage technique in a struggle for eternity through pixels. Frank Moth Deep Dive […]

Alan Brain

Artist Statement: Now I am Surreal I never expected to become a surrealist but here I am. I started out about 25 years ago as a regular representational artist like most everyone else. My artistic journey has taken me through abstract expressionism to non objective painting. I gained a reputation as a geometric painter with […]

Above it All - Painting by Alan Brain

Anton Walker – Surreal Collage

Anton Walker uses found art in his surrealistic digital collages. The work blends motifs of 1950’s style nostalgia, romantic hollywood or advertising themes with sci-fi, gas masks/war, pattern and nature to create an otherworldly sensation in the viewer. While he may be using found art in the work, the pieces transcend and the work becomes unique […]

Sea anemone behind a cloaked figure and protruding hole in the cloaks face

Wave House

Wave House is a short motion graphics video about inner peace. Enjoy! It was a collaboration between Justin Vin, Igor Betenev, Julius Liubertas, Jonas Konstantinavičius, and John Black.   Credits: art director & producer: Justin Vin technical director: Igor Betenev animation: Julius Liubertas lights & shading: Jonas Konstantinavičius music & sound design: John Black