Eric Johnston’s Dream Realm

Through the mindful practice of fine art and a passion for cultural affairs worldwide, Eric Johnston has created a distinctive visionary approach to his artwork.

Every component of Eric’s artwork relies on one main objective, to precisely reveal a connection in the subconscious mind and alternative realms that cannot exist in our conscious reality.

Using academic realism, surrealism, and abstract influences to contemporary art, his paintings represent the way humans perceive reality and the environment in which they exist during dream states.

Mr. Johnston’s artwork is centered on the principle of eliciting strong emotional responses to everyday elements based on the viewers’ past experiences.

The ability to see beauty in simplicity is a theme carried throughout every piece of Eric’s artwork which speaks in a language all of its own.

Color, form, and composition are all key attributes in Eric’s daily life that help shape the way he views the world around us.

A lifetime of drawing and creative mind authority, have led to a realization that all his paintings are physical manifestations of the dream realm.


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