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Recently, I have been exploring life’s destinations and how they are recorded. I am fascinated with how people have documented their memories; presently and in the past with social and pictorial fervor. My images deal with the contradiction of letting go but at the same time wanting to forever hold on. Filtered photos and high definition videos help create an over the top and almost “too sharp” memory. Continuous snapping and recording of day to day life blur important aspects while things that should be forgotten are in full color. What then does a goodbye truly mean?


Cheryl Frey Richards is a painter, illustrator, designer and art instructor living and working in Patchogue, New York. Cheryl’s artwork has been exhibited in several galleries throughout the Midwest and Northeastern United States. Her work is also a part of several national and international private collections. It is all about control. My work deals with controlling emotions: forcing a smile, face surface vs. dark underbellies, and controlling one’s situation at all costs. Each piece I create shoves the landscape into individual and discernible shapes and forces colors to commit to their given placement on the canvas. The paintings appear whimsical and bright with tension to them. I am a bit of a control freak and struggle with trying to simplify while maintaining control. My older work had a tighter grip on shapes and colors, but as my work has progressed, the colors and lines have loosened as I have learned to let go little by little.

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