Anis Tabaraee


Anis Tabaraee (Tehran, 1989) graduated with a BFA in Graphic Design in 2013 and an MA in illustration in 2018 from Tehran University of Art. Her art has been exhibited internationally.

Artist Statement

I am passionate about representing and expressing the world around me. I manipulate and exaggerate the details in the forms of creatures to create new and interesting worlds. I love to convey the Eastern mythos and mood in my art. I attempt to weave the threads from the rich historical tapestry of Eastern stories into my contemporary art. Work is strongly my culture, such as the sphinxes.

I draw with a ballpoint pen. This tool delicate lines and sharp color. It also helps me to develop my inspirations more easily to be close in my style. It’s also easy to be carried to every place that I have time to draw. I can pick it and start drawing even when I sit on a chair at subway to reach my destination.

I continue to develop my ideas to one day make an illustrated book of imaginary creatures.



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