Trash Riot Collage Art

Surreal Space Art

Trash Riot (AKA Terry Ringler) creates wild retro sci-fi surreal space collage art. He’s a favorite on Tumblr & Instagram and has been featured on Boing-Boing:

Trash Riot is a prolific, science-fiction/retro-futuristic photo collage artist who makes their work available through Red Bubble (which sells them as posters, postcards, shirts, etc). I happened on Into the Eye yesterday on the Vault of the Atomic Age tumblr and was frozen in my chair by the beauty of it. When someone on Twitter later pointed me to the Redbubble site, I fell down a long and luxurious clickhole of aesthetic enjoyment.

If you like this work you might like Max Ernst’s classic “Une Semaine De Bonte: A Surrealistic Novel in Collage“.



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