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Contemporary Surrealism

Promoting the best contemporary surrealism, psychedelic, lowbrow, and fantastic figurative art being created today.

Konan Lim

About Konan Lim Konan Lim is a Dubai-based Filipino artist. Lim was born and raised in the Philippines and discovered his passion for art at a young age. During his childhood, Lim won numerous art competitions. In 2005 he received a Bachelor of Science in Architecture at Western Mindanao State University, Zamboanga City, Philippines. In […]

Painting by Konan Lim

Toshiko Okanoue

Born in 1928, in Kochi, Japan, Toshiko Okanoue grew up in Tokyo. She began to make photo collages while she was studying fashion design and drawing in Bunka Gakuin in the early 1950s. When she first began working, she had very little art historical knowledge, and knew nothing of the Surrealist movement. In post-war Japan, […]

øjeRum Collage Art

Copenhagen based collage artist. oejerum.dk

Boris Indrikov

About Boris Indrikov Boris Indrikov was born in Leningrad in 1967 and lives and works in Moscow. From 1991 to 1997 he was a book designer and worked as an illustrator for the popular science magazine “Chemistry and Life”. He has been a member of the Creative Union of Artists of Russia and The member […]

Luciana Vasconcelos (Lupevision)

Luciana “Lupe” Vasconcelos is a Brazilian artist and illustrator whose art explores the realms of the mythical, mystical and occult. In her ink drawings, Vasconcelos traces the remnants of fantasy & memory in her dream-like imagery. These artworks fuse the familiar tropes of magic and myth in haunting pieces, in the tradition of 19th century […]