• Daniella Batsheva

    Daniella Batsheva


    Daniella Batsheva is an “Illustrator with a design habit” whose aesthetic straddles the line between underground and mainstream. Her art boasts the beautiful, detail-heavy, intricate line work of the Victorian era mixed with the dark goth imagery inspired by horror films. Softly stylized figures with deep color palettes. Whimsy with a creepy twist. Daniella shares,…

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  • Collagist Elzbieta Zdunek’s Stunning Art Will Haunt Your Dreams

    Collagist Elzbieta Zdunek’s Stunning Art Will Haunt Your Dreams


    Collagist Elzbieta Zdunek’s haunting monochromatic collages linger in memory as if grown from strange and alien myths. These intricate compositions of mannequins are rich with metaphor: they evoke the haunting beauty a transcendent dream. Immersing the audience in an enigmatic world where reality and fantasy intertwine. Each meticulously crafted piece, featuring these surreal mannequins, resonates…

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  • Marisa S White: Certain These Clouds Go Somewhere

    Marisa S White: Certain These Clouds Go Somewhere

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    Certain These Clouds Go Somewhere is an unfinished series navigating the unchartered waters and skies of spirituality. Simply put, it’s a deep dive exploration into the artist’s psyche, pondering existential questions we all come to face. Why are we here? What is our purpose? What exists on the other side? Marisa lost herself in countless…

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  • Min Kyung Kwon

    Min Kyung Kwon

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    Biography Min Kyung Kwon is an artist based in Adelaide, Australia creating art of otherworldly beings that are beyond physicality and can be only seen through our mind’s eyes. Kwon’s portraits are inspired by mythology, legends, folk storybooks, science through contradicting images of eeriness and cuteness with a glimpse of sensuality & innocence in their…

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  • Marta Zubieta’s Alice in Lockdown

    Marta Zubieta’s Alice in Lockdown

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    Alice in Lockdown is a self-directed illustration project by Marta Zubieta that explores the confusion and self-transformation journey we have gone through since the beginning of the lockdown in the UK. Bringing vibrant color to quite bleak subjects, Zubieta explores the millennial culture and its issues through pink-tinted glasses, neon colors, and dreamy characters. Zubieta…

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