Svetoslav Stoyanov Art


Svetoslav Stoyanov painting have a later Dali color-scheme. The concepts are direct, focusing on one per painting. A recurring theme in the works included is the subtle pulling-back of a layer within the painting and revealing of another. Also present is the inclusion of the nude female form in classical poses. The images are elegant and poetic.


The field in which I work allows me to express myself and everything that excites me in a way without limitations or boundaries. It is not even important how one is going to name it – surrealism, neo-surrealism, modern art or fine art. What is more important is that when I stand in front of the canvas I feel complete. I have the utter freedom to express myself in the best of my abilities. Imagination and thought are endless, and this is what I try to show in my works. The combination of symbols and details provokes people to think, and the elements painted realistically allow greater understanding of the main concept.

The erotic element that is present in some of my paintings simply expresses my admiration of the perfection of nature and in particular the beauty of the female body. For ultimately, the greatest artist is indeed nature!




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