Surreal Collage Art by Marcel Lisboa

Marcel Lisboa is a Sao Paulo (Brazilian) based digital artist. He creates psychedelic digital collages sourced from what seem to be Victorian paintings and illustration. But by juxtaposing numerous images in each work, and altering the color pallets he creates something completely new. Gorgeous, strange, surreal art that feels more painterly than digital.

You can find some of Marcel Lisboa’s prints here.

Lisboa cites Richard Hamilton as a source of inspiration.

Surreal Collage Art Predecessors

Collage art was developed by the Dadaists after and during WWI. (The Dadaists are considered the predecessors to the Surrealists.) Digital tools such as photoshop have created a resurgence of collage art, and particularly surreal collage art. Lisboa’s work feels like it is in dialogue with some of these artists such as Hannah Höch, Eileen AgarRaoul Hausmann, and Man Ray.

Yet Lisboa’s surreal collages seems to invent a style all his own. The work seems both Victorian, but also contemporary, psychedelic and visionary.

Via The Creators Project


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