SLip: Surrealist Collage Artist

Who is SLip?

SLip is a french digital collage artist working professionally for more than ten years. The artists’ clean, mod aesthetic marries yesterday’s nostalgic Sci-fi dreams in crisp, modern Technicolor.

The Work

Lovely memories of the sci-fi future that has not yet arrived, SLip reminds us of those more charming futures–of those hopeful expectations we’d forgotten–in the quaint imaginations of yesterday.

Found in exhibitions worldwide, magazines, vinyl albums, and clothing brands, SLip’s inspiring collages can be are lurking in every corner of the globe, following you, watching, waiting. Reminding us of what we need to remember. Of what we can, and should be.

In collaboration with Paperwallet, SLip’s work calls for you from Guggenheim Museum store’s shelves in New York.

Featured in Hypebeast, Gentside, France Inter, Konbini, Les Inrocks, still he feed instagram bi-weekly, where you can follow him at @iamslip.


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