Robert Deyber Painting

“My ongoing body of work involves the visual interpretation of cliches, euphemisms, and idioms. There has been a fascination for me going back years involving various formations within the English language. There are so many peculiar and quirky phrases which have been calling out to be put into visual form. In many cases, I can be motivated by a single word.

In creating these works the challenge is to take whimsical imagery and attempt to render it in a contemplative and elegant manner without being obtuse. My goal is also to take something common and elevate it to the uncommon and create theater, an unfamiliar and unexplored scene.

Each phrase depicted is singularly allegorical and embraces the intrinsic beauty and waggish imaginings found within the various forms of language we all use on a daily basis.”
~ Robert Deyber


One response to “Robert Deyber Painting”

  1. Fell in love with a surrealist artist while on cruise to Mexico. He/she depicts an elephant bearing a city on its head & a woman in medieval garb with skirt opening in front to reveal a smaller woman in mideval garb, etc., etc., etc. My God…so beautiful.

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