Psychedelic Art Prints by Andrew Herndon (Wahndur)

This is a Guest Post by Dr. Strangelove on the psychedelic, visionary artwork of Andrew Herndon (Wahndur).

Andrew Herndon makes psychedelic, surreal, visionary collage using digital media.

Herndon’s work questions the meaning of our inner lives by visualizing our psychological landscapes through the metaphor of external exploration.

While we dream of adventure and exploring the unknown, our lives are the dreams the universe is having.

For Herndon, our internal landscapes flow into pure abstraction and color.

Foreground, background, and landscape blend into color and visual sensation.

By merging several seemingly incompatible worlds into a new universe, a sense of awe emerges.

In Herndon’s art, an unsettling tranquil poetry straddles the edge of the abyss–where space becomes time and language becomes image.


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