Osvaldo Gonzalez Surreal Art

Osvaldo Gonzalez
Osvaldo González is a self-taught digital artist, born in Argentina. He discovered his passion for visual arts and illustration when was 17 years old and started to work as a graphic artist in Las Flores, his hometown.
In the late 80′s he moved to Buenos Aires and worked as a graphic designer for a print house for five years. In the 90s, he worked as graphic designer and illustrator for several projects in the music industry, and for companies like MCA, Nems Enterprises, Roadrunner, Triton, BMG, Poligram, Mastertrax, Universal, Tocka Discos, and Word Entertainment.
In 2002, he began to produce his own personal artwork. Working in a melancholic vein, Osvaldo creates complex and emotional scenarios of the human condition and strange dreamlike figurations.
He has a knack for creating dark mysterious stories. His use of layering to create depth, tonal qualities, and aged effects are decisive and work together to produce otherworldly narrative moments with a delicate and detailed sense of atmosphere and transparency. In 2005 he starts to produce Mixed Media. His passion for the ancient is present in his traditional art. He uses acrylics, clay, found objects, to obtain emotional compositions. He currently resides in Miami, Florida, with his wife Mariana and his iguana Morticia.
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