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Nicoletta Ceccoli

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Nicoletta raised and still lives in her native Republic of San Marino. She studied animation at the Institute of Art In Urbino, Italy.

Like a melodic nursery rhyme with disturbing lyrics, Nicoletta Ceccoli‘s works aren’t as sweet as they appear. When we first saw Ceccoli’s paintings we thought we were looking at a Mark Ryden exhibition.

Big Wall Decor Ad Girl next to large pop artwork

The artists share a soft spot for doe-eyed cherubs, flesh that glows like gumdrops and feeling of fantasy-gone-rotten. Ceccoli’s upcoming exhibition “Curiouser + Curiouser” focuses on the dark sides of sweetness, creating dark permutations of nymphs, sweets and woodland creatures that makes us want to trade in our gingerbread man for a celery stick. Though the exhibition takes its title from Alice in Wonderland, it feels to us more like a perverse Candyland.

– Via The HuffPost

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