Nicholas Nadja

Haunting and surreal oil paintings by Chicago-based artist Nicholas Nadja.

Nadja paints a world slightly off. A still life consisting of veiny-foot vase with sunflowers. A nude, headless female torso hanging from fish hooks and growing roots. (Titled Looking Through The Window Of An Abolished Trinity.) A cubist portrait where the subjects seems to be grimacing in pain, perhaps from the cubist distortions.  An man, who’s face seems to be in motion when the image was taken, but instead of looking goofy he looks just a little deranged like a Francis Baconesqe oil painting. But rather than painting a completely different, hellish world as Bacon did, Nadja paints the slightly darker, slightly creepier aspects of this world. With the slightest tweak, this world is available to us all, and any moment.

Some of Nadja’s work will be on display at the Sullivan Galleries at School of the Art Institute of Chicago from the Nov. 21st to Dec 11 2015, at 33 State St. 7th Floor, Chicago IL


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