mstudios NY Squashed Cars Series

mstudios submitted this interesting new project he’s working on involving whimsical pictures of squashed cars.

I like to display a diverse range of work on this blog but too often the posts art slanted towards my own biases, which tend towards the figurative, nude and dark.

But I love finding new and awesome digital surrealists, so thanks to Mitchell for submitting this work.

Enter Mitchell:

My name is Mitchell, and my work is a photographers view of the pop-surreal, where I combine my love of photograph with my passion for the surreal. I look at a scene and say to myself, “what if”,  my answers are the images I composited together through my skills as a retoucher. Hopefully you find humour and imagination in them along the way.

My latest series, “The (squashed) Cars” are a homage to one of Pop-Surrealism’s icons, “Big Daddy” Ed Roth. It’s his influence together with that of cartoonist Robert Crumb that guide me through this series in their over exaggeration of reality. The series began with a social comment on tourists in New York City, mostly coming from the Midwest driving their pickup trucks, slightly out of shape and riding the subways. Like most of my work, the series took on a life of it’s own and the following images all evolved as most of my work does all on their own. I hope you enjoy them.



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