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Keep The beinArt Surreal Art Collective Alive


Keep the beinArt Surreal Art Collective alive by funding 3 group shows, 5 years of online expenses and 60 exclusive artist interviews.

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About this project

Let’s kickstart the next phase of the Collective’s projects by funding three massive group shows, five years of online expenses and sixty exclusive artist interviews!

The beinArt Surreal Art Collective has had a strong online presence for more than a decade. Jon Beinart has remained at the helm but as the publishing arm (the financial lifeline of the project) winds up, the future sustainability of the Collective is in jeopardy. Without fundraising, Jon will be forced to terminate the project.

Jon is incredibly passionate about this community and hopes that this Kickstarter campaign will allow him to continue this work. The artists of the beinArt Collective have rallied together and contributed an extraordinarily long list of rewards for backers, including original artworks, limited-edition prints and books! These generous, heavily discounted deals will only be available for the duration of the campaign.

So, what exactly are we trying to save?

The beinArt Collective is an international network of highly skilled figurative artists with a shared fascination for surreal and imaginative themes. Over the last decade we have published books, curated successful group exhibitions and expanded our online presence. Through social media alone, we now reach over half a million fellow art fanatics! Our projects have helped generate opportunities for our artists to network, collaborate, share resources and connect with a broader audience. We are thrilled with how far we have come!

Why does the beinArt Collective need help?

Since its inception, the beinArt Collective has been primarily funded through its publishing arm. Regrettably, in 2012, Jon was forced to take an indefinite break from publishing as it was no longer financially viable. Currently, the Collective is surviving on a small amount of income from the remaining books. Without a successful crowdfunding campaign, Jon will be forced to close the website and discontinue all remaining projects.

What will we do if our campaign is funded?

If this campaign is successful, we’ll have enough money to cover five years of website-related expenses, sixty in-depth artist interviews and three large group exhibitions. But what will this look like? You all know what the website looks like, but what about the interviews? We already feature a number of exclusive interviews with artists like Laurie Lipton, Travis Louie, Chris Mars, David Stoupakis and Martin Wittfooth, but if funded, we aim to expand on this. We will transform beinArt into a treasure trove of information with an increased number of translated interviews with international artists to truly reflect our global community. The interviews will continue to be conducted by respected and well-known arts writers.

And, the group exhibitions? The profits from these exhibitions will provide funding for future exhibitions, artist interviews and website-related expenses, beyond the five-year scope of this project. Currently, we’re in the final stages of preparation for a massive beinArt group exhibition at CoproGallery in Santa Monica, which will open on Feburary 20, 2016. This show will feature over 55 artists, including Martin Wittfooth, Travis Louie, Greg “Craola” Simkins, Jana Brike, Esao Andrews, Kikyz1313, David Stoupakis, Pamela Wilson, Chris Mars, Redd Walitzki, Heidi Taillefer and Chet Zar! To be able to hold two more events such as this would provide opportunities for fans and followers to see these works in the flesh and meet the artists in attendance. The benefits from these events for our community of enthusiasts as well as for the Collective are immense. They act as a bridge, bringing us from online to real life.


Via Kickstarter



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