Kazim – Visionary Art

Kazim is a french visionary and occult artist.

The website Renaissance presents his creations :

Combined in a multi-layered digital art mixing photography and scan of raw material his creations would pretend themselves to be the visionary remembrances of a fool scarecrow in a rough shadowed land. Often in a dark tinted ambiance his work, as a reflection of his spiritual journey, invites the viewer to a travel and an encounter at the doors of the spirit world.

Passionate by different mythologies and esoteric traditions, kAzIm tries to manifest the very moments when, in a deep state of connection with himself, the artist approaches the archetypes lying in the sacred and poetic visions of the Primal Dream.

As a non-dualist play between symbols and signs, his creations reveal in a personal alchemy of colours and senses a singular universe where past present and future come across to cast a new light into ancient and modern mysteries.


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