– a Website Promoting Surrealism

Surrealism is a website promoting Surrealism and Surreal Art and Artists.


The homepage of the website includes and introduction to the site, and a brief introduction to Surrealism. There are two timelines: a timeline of surreal or fantastic art before Andre Breton Founded the Surrealist Art Movement, and a timeline of surreal and fantastic art after the surrealist art movement was over.

We know there are academics that say surrealism is only those works created by artists in the official movement. But in our opinion the term “surrealism” (without a capital “s”) has come to mean any fantastic, surreal, strange and visionary art that realistically portrays the imaginary or impossible.

Featured Surreal Artists + Artist Submission

The bottom of the contains links to five currently featured artists working in Surrealism. We would like to grow this list. It will take time. You can also submit your surreal art to apply to be included for a small fee.


What do you think? Hit us up in the comments below or on twitter or facebook. We’d love to here any suggestions, praise, or thoughts on how to improve the site and better serve imaginative, strange and surreal artists.


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