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Contemporary Surrealism

Promoting the best contemporary surrealism, psychedelic, lowbrow, and fantastic figurative art being created today.

Marjorie Darrow

Gateway to the Subconscious Artist Statement The main theme of my work has always been the connection and synergy of all living organisms. It’s symbolic of the delicate balance and inter-dependency of life. I see these interconnections as a perfectly choreographed dance where each element is singular, yet part of the whole. It’s a simple […]

Harvey Goldman

Uriel, prophet of poetry, prince of presence,
archangel of the sun, propounds a new
troublous truth and suffers the slings and
arrows of the celestial Czars.The tumultuous
times are upon us. Oh, Nicolaus Copernicus,
transcendental historian of heliocentric geometry,
forgive us, absolve us, evolve us, if you can.

The “visual music” collaborations of Jing Wang
and Harvey Goldman attempt to produce a synesthesia
like experience. The audience is encouraged to “see”
the music and “hear” the visuals. The imagery and
audio components are constructed without hierarchy,
a true melding of sound and image.

The Art of Mark Hopkins

Mark Hopkins Surrealism The landscapes of Mark Hopkins are as gorgeous as they are mind-bending. Hopkins’ surrealistic techniques include playful visual distortion, juxtaposed symbols, and abstract surrealism in combination with a mastery of the craft of painting. The first painting in the gallery above shows the Buddha hovering in the air in an archetypal temple. […]

Virginia Stewart: Views From Within

Artist Statement When I sit down to do my art, my intention is to create magic; to create a visual wonderland that brings the gift of insight into the realm of mystical perception. Like Zen, I feel I am a channel for the direct transmission of that phenomenon, the mysterious now. So, when I look […]


Ben Ridgway

Ben Ridgway is currently an Assistant Professor at San Francisco State University in San Francisco, California, USA. He has 15 years of professional experience as both a 3D artist in the video game industry and as a Professor. While in the games industry he helped to create games for Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft console systems. […]