[The Ultimate Guide] High Quality AI Video Art 9 Steps

In this guide we’ll show you how to create high-resolution AI video art with NightCafe Studio in 9 simple Steps. For more advanced users you can also see our guide on creating 3D AI Video Art on Google Colab. The below guide is best for beginners just dipping their toes into AI video art or AI art.

Step 1. Navigate to Night Cafe Studio and click on “Start Creating”.

Creating High Resolution AI Video Art in 9 Simple Steps
Easily Create AI Art with NightCafe Studio

Step 2. Click on the “Artistic” Algorithm.

Click Artistic VQGAN+CLIP to Create Beautiful images from a text prompt

Step 3. Enter your “Text Prompt”.

Enter your text prompt in the text input

Here, we will try: Cathedral, a glitch in the cosmic museum, colorful clouds, hyperdetailed photograph, oil on canvas, photograph, landscape, insanely detailed, volumetric lighting, detailed matte painting, 8K resolution, Alphonse Mucha, Frank Frazetta, Unreal Engine 5, photo illustration, 3D shading, Zdzislaw Beksinski, hyperrealism, ZBrush Central

Step 4. Click the “Generate Video” switch.

Toggle the switch under Video to on

Step 6. Adjust any other “Video Settings” you would like to.

Adjust the video length

Step 7. Increase the “Output Resolution”.

Adjust the Output Resolution to your needs

Step 8. Click “Create”!

Click Create

The AI will do it’s magic!

Bored Cabin Fever GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

Step 9. Download the video and upscale it using an AI video enlarger such as Topaz Labs Video Enhance. This will make the video bigger while increasing fidedelity. Topaz Video Enhance will sharpen and grow the size of the picture without making the video blurry like traditional tools.

Ai Art GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY
Abstract AI Art Video Created with NightCafe Studio

That’s it! You’ve just created high-resolution artificial intelligence video art with NightCafe Studio in just a few steps.

NightCafe Studio allows you to generate more abstract-looking AI art. If you are interested in creating less abstract ai video art with different models you can also See our guide on creating 3D AI Video Art on Google Colab or Make Stunning & Strange Artificual Intelligence (AI) Art [Beginners Guide]

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