Christian Schloe’s Amazing Surreal Art

Christian Schloe creates hauntingly surreal art. Schloe’s digital art feels the tiniest bit in dialogue with the victorian surrealism of Jeffrey Harp, but these digital surrealist artists are also wildly different. Schloe’s work is brighter, more colorful, and less emotionally dark. Yet it still plays with the notions of nostalgia and uses motifs of victorian paintings and photographs.

Delicately placed butterflies and birds often decorate Christian Schloe’s surreal portraits. The art prints have a vintage feel and seem to offer a moment of contemplation to the viewer. The layers of meaning sometimes become available after a few moments of seeing, but remain deep, multifaceted and elusive. Some seem to be just beautiful images, and in others the artists’ inspiration could come from multiple sources or seem to be exploring concepts of movement, and time.

Schloe’s work feels part painting, part vintage photograph.

Christian Schloe has dozens of fine art prints available for sale here.


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