Loom is a short motion & motion graphics film.
Statement from Sound Artist Carlo Ascrizzi
My soundtrack wants to tell the story from an emotional and abstract prospective, where what you hear is not what you see but the feeling of that moment, where nothing correspond to the real world. Focusing on a creative interpretation of the intimate moth’s point of view in the first half, It becomes a surreal sonic experience later on, where I blended imaginary organic and digital sound textures. I emphasized the contrast, yet the common expressivity, of both worlds.


Music & Sound Design by Carlo Ascrizzi

Video by Polynoid

Says – by Nils Frahm

Make the video full screen and turn up the music — or put on headphones.

Visual creation by Romain Assénat & Ana Silva with the support of Atelier Graphoui.
Improvisation with inks on glass and a video-feedback device, captured live without any post-production.
Taken from the album ‘Spaces’ out now on Erased Tapes.

If you like the video check to see if Nils Frahm will be touring in your area soon.

CD/2xLP/DL available here: erasedtapes.com/store/index/ERATP055

Tommy Ingberg Surreal Photography

Beautiful black and white surrealistic photography by Swedish Artist Tommy Ingberg.

Visit him at http://www.ingberg.com/ to follow him on social media, and then check out his online store at Saatchi Online.

“Mémoires Vives”, “Memorium”

After the death, what happens? Where do we go? “Mémoires Vives” invites you in a journey of a man into the afterlife. Inspired from the world created by the french artist Marc Giai-Miniet.


Dramatic abstract video. According to Sie, “All scenes were filmed by using lycopodium powder, 50 Hz, a Canon 5D and a 100mm macro lens.” This video shows how powerful highly focused concept, visuals, and sound can be.

Leif Podhajsky

Leif Podhajsky.com

Vladimir Stankovic

Vladimir Stankovic is an illustrator and graphic designer specializing in editorial illustration, book and magazine covers, picture book and scientific illustration.

Stankovic is a Serbian a graphic designer and illustrator currently living in Finland. His work combines illustration and graphic design, using both traditional media and digital media.

His illustration at times nears on visionary art, calling to the viewer associations of Cameron Gray or Alex Grey but with perhaps a small dash of Edward Gorey.


Eric White

Eric White, a New York-based painter, and professor at the city’s School of Visual Arts, has been making art since he could hold a crayon. “One of my earliest and most distinct memories,” he said, “is listening to The Beatles’ ‘White Album,’ drawing in the dark, while my parents argued upstairs.” He recalled being specifically influenced by Richard Hamilton’s artwork for the album, as well as the Grammy Award-winning cover for Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band. “I think seeing that imagery was especially powerful because it was so closely associated with the music, which altered my child-brain forever.”

Via The Lab

Eric White

Kevin Corrado

Kevin Corrado is a fine artist attending SASD for graphic design. His photography walks the line between lyricism and surrealism, never straying to far from either. He usually uses himself as the subject in his figurative works. His compositions are simple and elegant: the imagery could best be described as quiet and peaceful– at times seeming to transcend the boundaries of the image.

Check out more of his work at:





Hyper Trophies
Moving still portrait sculptures.

A collaboration of ZEITGUISED with Berlin fashion label Franzius and ProdCo Stink Berlin.
Premiere at the Stink Temporary Gallery during Gallery Weekend Berlin 2012.

1080p portrait screen exhibit: endless loop