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Daniel Merriam Pop Surrealism


Daniel Merriam is a highly regarded contemporary surrealist and is best known for his dry brush technique and gloriously imaginative style.


Tien dark pop-surrealism

Thai artist Supamas Taweechotipatr creates dark paintings with a pop-surrealist twist.




Logan Zillmer Photography

Logan Zillmer is a Conceptual and Fine Art Photographer from the Midwest.



Carlos Solis – Classical Surrealism

Artist statement:

I tried to convey and stimulate the mythical and spiritual elements of visual expression. My passion in painting started with the magnificence elements of nature, fauna and flora, and it’s natural beauty that involves it’s selective conditions. For example, the majestic animals of the Amazon or Indians from Venezuela (Guajiros). However, I always try to expand my work to other areas of reality and with a spiritual meaning; therefore, I, occasionally, have the tendency to go from one extreme to another in order to explore, and show the ranges of styles and techniques by creating the most beautiful and delicate components of life to the most complex and strange art.
Fortunately, I have the pleasure and the opportunity to experience the richness of many cultures in South and North America, which allow me to expand my imagination even more; it also helps me to understand the differences and similarities of both worlds. My work reflects the distinctness of my artistic perception from those experiences, which provides vivid colors and physical details in order to make something visually pleasing, grotesque or unfamiliar to look at. Furthermore, I also try to create an awareness and express an opinion about our delicate habitat and lack of knowledge about cultural and racial diversity in S. America.

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Artist statement:

Biodiversity of life is a part of development. Either by the results and effects of the natural genetic selection or by Biotechnology processes that was created by man are the evolutionary developmental biology (evo-devo), led to new forms of life. I was interested in the new life forms that will generate in the future, which my imaginations were aroused and also affected to my creativity of performances.


The Psycho Philosophy Shop

The door of the Psycho Philosophy Shop is ever so slightly ajar. A candle sheepishly melts amongst the dim shadows. The air reeks of thrifty old women and faded brass band yelps. Only the Lost frequent the merchandise, the Lost and the mistaken. Old things lye about, old things made of iron and wood, tossed in corners are piles of faded newspapers, oil paintings and rare children’s books. A train goes past rattling the floorboards. A cricket scratches its legs next to an empty mousetrap. The darkness talks to itself. It mutters observations so out of date and of no consequence to nobody but somehow the door remains ajar. A breeze brings in a leaf; it skates along a pile of Steinberg drawings. Cold coffee sits next to defunct inventions and rambling plants. A cat snoozes, its master long gone. His mind vacant scratching at the artefacts of absurdity. He sits up. He is looking at you. And suddenly he says “oh a visitor welcome to the Psycho Philosophy Shop, where nothing is for sale but everything has a price.”


Aof Smith : Reflection of Memories


Jolie Clifford Film Noir Photography





Wave House

Wave House is a short motion graphics video about inner peace. Enjoy!

It was a collaboration between Justin Vin, Igor Betenev, Julius Liubertas, Jonas Konstantinavičius, and John Black.



art director & producer: Justin Vin
technical director: Igor Betenev
animation: Julius Liubertas
lights & shading: Jonas Konstantinavičius
music & sound design: John Black