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Visionary art is a style of art that emphasizes spiritual or mystical experiences, and often incorporates elements of surrealism, fantasy, and otherworldly imagery. Visionary art is often created by artists who have had intense mystical experiences, or who have been influenced by spiritual or esoteric traditions.

Visionary art often features intricate and highly detailed imagery, and may include references to mythology, religion, and the natural world. It is often characterized by a sense of wonder and awe, and may be used as a way to explore the inner workings of the mind and the nature of consciousness.

Visionary art has been practiced by artists from a wide range of cultures and traditions, from indigenous peoples to contemporary artists working in the Western world. It has had a significant impact on contemporary art, and has influenced a wide range of artistic movements, from Surrealism to New Age art.

Visionary art is often celebrated for its ability to evoke complex emotions and ideas, and for its ability to challenge our assumptions about the nature of reality and representation. It continues to be a popular and influential style of art, and is often associated with spiritual and transformative experiences.