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Hyperrealism is an art form that achieves a high level of realism, often resembling high-resolution photography, with meticulous detail and precision.



Hyperrealism evolved from Photorealism in the late 20th century, taking realism to a new level, with artists focusing on creating even more lifelike renditions in their work.

Key Artists

  • Chuck Close
  • Ron Mueck

Frequently Asked Questions

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    What is Hyperrealism in art?
    Hyperrealism is an art movement characterized by the creation of paintings and sculptures that are extremely realistic and detailed, often indistinguishable from real life or high-resolution photographs.

  2. How does Hyperrealism differ from Photorealism?
    While both Hyperrealism and Photorealism focus on realism, Hyperrealism often involves a more intense and detailed focus, creating an almost surreal level of detail.