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Contemporary Surrealism

Promoting the best contemporary surrealism, psychedelic, lowbrow, and fantastic figurative art being created today.

Jarek Kubicki Digital Paintings

Polish artist Jerek Kubicki creates painterly, mostly monochromatic digital paintings. The work feels almost like the demonic lovechild of Jackson Pollock and Zdzislaw Beksinski. I love it. It’s brilliant. It appears as though Kubicki is painting on his photography, or photographing his painting (or both) and melding digital and organic seamlessly together. Recurring themes include the […]

a person in a dark room

Charlie Davoli

Charlie Davolio creates surreal art using digital photography. He posts on instagram and his prints are available on Society 6. Charlie Davoli Instagram

Liz Huston

California-based artist Liz Huston makes gorgeous art inspired by philosophy, spirituality and mythology. She owns an art and curiosity shop where you can buy her work in LA (or online through the link below!) What follows is her latest work, her artist statement, and finally excepts from an interview with her. Leave a comment below […]

3 women made of paper spirals standing in the water in the moonlight at night

Carlos Bracho Photography

Carlos Bracho is Panamanian self-taught photographer. His work is inspired by melancholy, nature and decay. His latest work mixes abandoned architecture with elements found in the woods. StatementI explore sadness through images, because we can find a deeper beauty in loss than we can in a smile. My work explores stories of fear and pain. […]

Woman sitting on rooftop watching sunrise

Anton Walker – Surreal Collage

Anton Walker uses found art in his surrealistic digital collages. The work blends motifs of 1950’s style nostalgia, romantic hollywood or advertising themes with sci-fi, gas masks/war, pattern and nature to create an otherworldly sensation in the viewer. While he may be using found art in the work, the pieces transcend and the work becomes unique […]

Sea anemone behind a cloaked figure and protruding hole in the cloaks face